• Court Registration
  • Setup Venue
  • Amenities
  • Booking Portal
  • Invoice

Court Registration

Court reservations ought to be simple now.

Managing your court reservations is simple with our cutting-edge interface. Without having to make a call to the front desk or show up in person, players may swiftly and conveniently book online whenever it is convenient for them. Drag and drop interface with complete customizability, including categories and even custom fields. Get rid of the whiteboard and manual court sheets. Get what you want, when you manage your courts within Klubsoft.

Setting up your venues

Make bookings whenever you want by effortlessly setting up your itinerary.

Time Intervals

Establish your working and break periods. Stop others from scheduling you after hours or during your breaks.

Days of leave and designated times.

Schedule time off for holidays or a day off. Do you need to work an extra day or fill in for a colleague? Add extended hours of operation.

Organize buffer intervals.

Your schedule should have buffer intervals to provide you with time to prepare before and after each appointment.

No more cancellations at the last minute.

Establish cancellation and rescheduling grace periods. To prevent cancellations, consider paying a deposit or a portion of the balance.

Avert last-minute reservations.

Get appointments during a predetermined time of your choosing. There won't be any more last-minute meetings that leave you unprepared or reservations for six months in the future that could need to be changed.

Display Amenities

Price for Setup

  • Set up various pricing tags and charge for premium spaces.

  • Create various pricing structures for various membership options.

  • Discounted prices for select events

  • Install Add-Ons

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Streamlined Memberships And Packages.

Applaud your valued customers with superlative merchandise.

  • Set up membership programs, offer classes, and sell class packs as part of your class offerings. Give your customers access to special membership privileges.

  • Put up simple check-in options, such as front desk walk-ins and contactless QR scans.

  • By collecting recurring integrated payments through packages, you may guarantee fast payments and keep consumers happy.

Booking Portal

Slot booking portal that is convenient to use

Allow your company to put the needs of the client first. Using a single portal, give your clients more control. Let them see current and upcoming reservations. See all of the reserved spaces right at your fingertips.

Show Invoices and collect payments online and offline

Detailed reports to garner a comprehensive view.

Use thorough data to get a complete picture of your company.

delve deeply into the data and come to crucial business judgments. Get complete control over your data and metrics; you can also link them with your preferred tools to assess business performance.

Analyze the data.

Use thorough analytics on bocking revenue occupancy to make data-driven decisions.

Managing Your Personnel.

Give your team role-based access so you can monitor their behavior with simple Excel reports.

Manage bookings.

Monitor reservations from every source using a single app. Send payment links, confirmation and cancellation messages, and a lot more.


Send business clients GST-compliant invoices, and you'll get thorough billing records for simple bookkeeping.

Membership automation.

With a single dashboard to view active members, expiration dates, and revenue generated, managing memberships is made simple.

White Label Approach.

Get your dynamic website that is SEO-optimized and has booking capabilities.

From a single location, manage reservations for several venues and courts.