• Member Registration & Payments
  • Membership Plans
  • Member Profile
  • Micro Network

Registration & Payments

Streamline Your Membership Registration and Payment Process for a Hassle-Free Experience!

Register every member online using a personalized registration form and integrate your online payment gateway. Set up automated membership renewal reminders to eliminate tedious administrative tasks.

Custom Registration Form

Gather More Than Just Names

Create custom form to register players, parents, staff and admin and collect the data you need from every member.

Have multiple custom field types with in-built field validations.

Online Payment Collection

Get Paid Instantly

Collect and process all club payments while keeping track of profitability. Integrate with your payment gateway to collect payments quickly and securely.

Club Membership RegistrationsClub Membership Registrations

Membership Plans

Stress Free Way To Manage Multiple Membership Plans

Create and manage membership plans while customizing its roles and privileges.

set up unique pricing for each plan.

Offers an intuitive way for your members to choose their best suited membership plan and payment option.

Club Membership PlansClub Membership Plans

Member Profiles

Showcase Member Achievements and Performance Statistics on Dedicated Member Pages!

Each member has a dedicated page which showcases their achievements, performance statistics and their association with the club.

Club Sports ProfileClub Sports Profile

Micro Network

Clubs Inner Circle

Members can form groups and teams amongst themselves and as a club organizer you can run your own social network within your closed member groups

Club NetworkClub Network

Lets Scale your club With KLUBSOFT!