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Unveil your own sports club portal in just few clicks.

Built To Suite Small Clubs To Large Federations

Meets Every Need Of Your Club - From Member Management, Website Builder, Form Builder, Player & Team Registrations & Event Management. Everything at every level is just simply fantastic!

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Website Builder

Build Your Club Website

With All Features And with No Coding

Setup your club's Digital headquarters By including your own touches to make it uniquely yours. Bring all features into your website with no coding.

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Branding & Theming

Style your website with your brand colors and images.Apply gradient overlays and image background to make it unique, inspiring & reflects your brand.

Pages & Content

Craft every page quickly and structure it easily with our easy to use interface.

News & Blogs

To keep your members informed of your club's happenings, write and publish news articles on your club website.

Membership Management

Easy-to-use software to seamlessly manage multiple membership plans and regulates members.

Offer personalized memberships to members and efficiently manage each member's account based on their specific plan and level of access.

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Member Registration & Payments

Register every member online using a personalized registration form and integrate your online payment gateway.

Membership Plans

Create and manage membership plans while customizing its roles and privileges.

Member Profile

Each member has a dedicated page which showcases their achievements, performance statistics and their association with the club.

Micro Network

Members can form groups and teams amongst themselves and as a club organizer you can run your own social network within your closed member groups

Events & Tournaments

Run multiple tournaments & events effortlessly to keep club members engaged.

Register participants, collect payments, draw schedules & track statistics for your teams & players


Build a registration process that’s tailor-made for your tournament and generate easy-to-use forms.

Payment Collection

Collect registration fees securely using our integrated payment gateway, which will be later transferred to your account automatically.


You have complete control over player positions, seeding placements and randomization, byes, draw display options and more.


Save time, work and effort letting automatic standings do calculations and point awarding realtime.

Sports Facility Management & Booking Platform

Streamline Your Sports Facility Management with our Easy Online Booking System!

KLUBSOFT simplifies the tedious and time-consuming administrative tasks of managing your single or multi-site facility, such as online bookings, payment plans, and approvals. Our platform also provides live dashboards for monitoring and reporting on your facility's utilization and financial performance, allowing you to focus on the crucial aspects of your business while KLUBSOFT handles the rest.

Court Registration

Managing your court reservations is simple with our cutting-edge interface.

Setup Venue

Establish your working and break periods. Stop others from scheduling you after hours or during your breaks.


Create various pricing structures for various membership options.

Booking Portal

Allow your company to put the needs of the client first. Using a single portal.

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No more watching the game from the sidelines

Together, let's host a fantastic tournament!

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